Friday, June 21, 2013

So It Got Busy Again...

Where were you Izzy? Well, last weekend was an amazing adventure which will get its own post here shortly. After a wonderful birthday and graduations I got to hang out and shop a little with my Mama. She picked me up this SUPER cute polkadot tshirt dress for work, and we found adorable little hair clips, so heres one of my new favorite work outfits. Humble brag alert!! lol. The day she had to fly out I ran out and picked up a strawberry tart from Nations, a small local chain which makes GREAT giant cheeseburgers, and the best pies.. like.. ever. We then headed to aline dancing class with my Aunt then had to rush mama to the airport. Its hard to say bye every time.... but Im going to convince Gentleman Friend to take me to LA to see her :3 Soon. Hint... lol!!

After an hour or so of wallowing in sadness and eating a self serve minitub of haagen-dazs Angela came over and we got to hang out! :D GF managed to get Pre-preview tickets to Man Of Steel, the tuesday before it came out so we headed out to go see it. BTW, its good. Its a nesting doll of flashbacks and theres a dragon, but I liked it!!

Not time for a new segment I hope to be installing weekly on the blog-


ok, This isnt ment to offend anyone, but I LOVE meat. I grew up in a meat eating family and have raised my own animals for consumption (Dont name them, it makes you sad T_T) This week I kind of cheated and picked up a pack of Trader Joes Carne Asada. What is Carne Asada? Oh ya, not everyones state is attached to that delightful cornacopia of food known as Mexico (it IS cone shaped, think about it). Carne Asada is basically marinated cheap beef cut thin and grilled into delightfulness. The marinate on TJ's is REALLY good, Like I'll be eating it again soon.Tangy and a little spicy and not to salty. Its also not very exspensive, which is good for a girl like me on a tight budget.

I opened up my pack and was delighted to find it was already presliced, which means the marinade has maximum coverage of the meat. I seared it up in my trusty little frying pan, which I got as hot as possible and gave a light spray of a Pam knock off.  
Half of the package, which mine yeilded about 5 servings

Sadly I got so excited I forgot to get a finished picture! But that handsome Gentleman Im dating and I thoroughly enjoyed it with a side of fresh fruit, some carrots and snap peas.

I have been watching way to much Due South reruns this week, and playing a lot of my DS. Part of my birthday present from my aunties is Plants VS Zombies which is a HUGE time sink... Im addicted... Here are some silly screen shots from Pokemon White- 

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  1. Haha I do love meat I just haven't been eating it lately? I donno my cravings change. I'm so glad you got to see your mom and eat the MOST DELICIOUS STRAWBERRY GOODNESS I'VE EVER SEEN. UGH Why do the strawberries here have to go bad so fast?! I'm going to wait to see Man of Steel when I can do it for cheaper than $9. Yeah, I'm a cheapo too. Most people think I thrift shop, because I'm a "hipster" but really I'm just so cheap I refuse to pay for anything over $10.