Sunday, June 2, 2013

Short Pet Update

I haven't posted to much about the pets as of recently, so a little update is in order!! 

Castor has been Castor. Some moments he's the worlds cutest, sweetest most wonderful cat, and sometimes he destroys my home, skin and life. I am a firm believer he will be a good cat one day.., sooner then later I hope!!! Lol but over all he's been much better. No floods for a while, knock on wood...

Mr. Pickles has been running around and still acting like a kitten!! Every time he slows down I worry this may be the end and BOOM!! He's back at it! He's down to a healthier weight then a year ago and gives Castor a run for his money so that's all I can ask of my old man!!!

Cooper!!! Gerbil sidekick and cardboard destroyer!!! I was really worried about a month ago, he got skinny even though he are everything... My mind goes to cancer or parasites.... But turns out it was the new food, my fault getting hamster food. So I added some oats and nuts and fruit and he's baaaaaack!!! 

Frizzetta is angry here, I just cleaned his tank which he HATES. Sadly all my Detroit bettas have now passed on, and Friz was my last one till tues when I went out...

I named him Rockwell. Sadly he never ate and crawled inside the castle to die :/ so Friday I went out and got.... 

Sing Sarget!! Sarg is a crazy dude, super fiesty and ready for just about anything. Btw if you think my betta names are weird I name them after illustrators... I lie having themes for my fish names :3 

So that's who I share the house with currently... :3 

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  1. Sorry I've been poopy and haven't kept up with posts. I love your comments though and how genuine they are. Other people it feels like they just comment three words so I'll feel obligated to respond on their posts!

    Anyways. I chucked over how you had to go out and get 2 new bettas. I love their names. I'll probably be in a better mood once I have cats in my apartment again. I can't believe you have a gerbil with cats! I'd be so nervous (probably because I've had a cat eat one of my hamsters before!) I also have a theme with my fake owls that I have. They are all based off band/singers' names (Ex. Wilco, Mumford, Marley, Dylan, Leon, etc.)