Monday, June 10, 2013

Grads, Party and Happy Birthday!

Yes Im so narcissistic im wishing myself happy birthday!! But why not? Im 28, in a great school, have a great house with two really bad cats, have a great family and the sweetest Handsomest Gentleman Friend around! I survived another year which is both the most impressive thing and le11 ast impressive thing ever. My mom is in town!!! OMG Im so happy!! She flew in on Wed, and I picked her up and had to go to work. But thursday we went to the city and did a little shopping, I got a SUUUPER cute polkadot t-shirt dress for work and some cute hair clips I'll show off later. I also got a silly cat top for work and she got lots of good stuff!! We also met GF for dinner and had all you can eat dim sum for 5.99! Boom! Fri we went to the thrift store with the Aunts, I got a REALLY wonderful old metal foot locker, OMG its something I have wanted for EVER! Again pictures to be posted soon!! But to the good stuff- this weekend my Adorable cousin Amy Graduated from high school!! OMG! She was so beautiful, and so 17... I kind of forgot how 17 year old girls are.... lol!!

theres a picture of pizza there, because after we went to eat at california pizza kitchen, which I had never been to before some how. I got the Jamaican Jerk and it was DE-Lightful!! So yummy!! It was a really wonderful day!! We also threw my bdau celebration in there, even though i ask the family not to, lets just celebrate the achievment.. but i got some lovely gift cards, a pikachu tshirt because Im such a nerd, and a bacon chefs hat for bacon day!!! Ya! Pictures of those will come soon.

Last night the co-wrkers and I headed to chevys after a depressingly slow day at work, and THAT crew likes a party!! I was bought a pitcher of margharitas, which I shared, was given some REALLY lovely gifts and generally had a lovely time! GF came out and joined us, and we all took turns wearing my bday sombraro. BTW we had a discussion about Chevy's. Lets get something strait, its not mexican food.Its mexican inspired maybe, but if you go looking for mexican food your sorely dissapointed, Instead looks for grilled chicken, Margharitas and free chips, and you'll be happy as can be 

 Yep!! Also for summer i want to add some new challeges, so stay tuned!!!

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  1. Ahahaha that last photo. Happy *late* birthday!! I'm so hungry and all of that food looks so good.
    I'm so glad you are happy, and I hope to have the life you do one day honestly. Thank you for all your comments =]. It's funny I was just talking to Allen and he was complaining about his campers this session, because it's the "senior session" and the kids are 16/17. He was saying how they suck, and he'd much rather deal with little ones again, haha. We're only 21/23 (I'm a cradle robber) so I could imagine it being even weirder at 28.