Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oregon- Part 1

So last week Gentleman Friend took me on the most wonderful, happy, amazing trip just about ever! I have to tell you, a trip is a MILLION times better with the right traveling partner. And GF is great for traveling. He's calm, does a little research to find cool things, but will happily change plans of something better comes up, carries on great conversations and BTW will make you laugh when your ready to cry.... (only 2x's! Yes Im a girl...)

Saturday- We left San Francisco around 6 am and headed to my place to get the cold goods, and feed the cats one more time. We made AMAZING time, and missed much of the smoke, as there were hge fires in the eastern part of the state. We pulled into a cute little hotel in the suburbs of Portland around 6 pm. After a meal at Applebee's  (surprizingly good meal! and also found out that they serve Malibu Rum in a bucket). We were pretty beat and so fell asleep to a marathon of Naked and Afraid.

Sunday- We got up early and headed into Portland. We went to The Portland Zoo, which I had been to as a child, but remembered almost nothing, except loving the shit out of it and seeing a Polarbear for the first time. Its a beautiful zoo, laid out really friendly, very natural and just lovely. GF helped me collect my smashed pennies, and freak out about goats.

After the zoo we headed into downtown. Rouge Brews was having their annual Bone Blues and Brews Festival. That ment BBQ, delightful, music and samples of brews! We tried so much goodness!!

Cesar and Heather met up with us and we headed to the infamous Voo Doo Donut! After standing inline on the surface of the sun for about an hour, and Cesar getting us a pitcher of water, We finally recieved out trophies! A Dirty old man, Tripple chocolate penatration, and much much more! Well worth the standing in line. 

Cesar took us to Rocky Butte, a beautiful view and quiet retreat from the city, just minutes from down town. 

Then our delightful driver took us to the Falls.... So romantic and beautiful and.. well.. look!

To end our tour of Portland we ended up at Henry's Tavern. Home of over 40 brews on tap, wonderful servers and really good food!! GF got a sampler of local brews all of which were DELIGHTFUL and I got a blueberry Hefenweizen. It was REALLY good! 

Buffalo blue cheese fries, hot wings, and cheddar beer soup

Heather and Cesar being amazing

Minion representing Hunter Tyler

40 beers on tap and a naughty store across the street!! 

More updates soon!! Laptops running dry! 

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