Monday, August 19, 2013

Oregon- Part 2

Hello again all!! So this last week has been REALLY rough.. so Im going to skip that and go strait to the Oregon Trip!! :3 After a delightful time with Heather and Cesar, we headed off to the coast!! We drove along, taking the scenic route, when out of no where through the tree's, were airplanes!! And what was possibly a space ship! Of course we pulled over and discovered an air and space museum, and what i thought was a space ship is the Spuce Goose!! Look it up.. fascinating :3

Theres also a water park with slides that come out of a plane...

After we left there we got some lunch at a pretty wonderful little pizza parlor!

From there, we kept heading to the coast. Beautiful views and perfect tempetures. as we came to Newport we came across Rougue Brewery. This is some of my favorite beer ever, really!! Handsome Gentleman Friend got a case of wonderful beverages and kept heading toward Reedsport. 

The Sealion caves distacted us on our journey. Its one of the worlds largest underground seacaves (as opposed to above ground?) anyways, the sealions were not there that day, so we got a HUGE discount, and the caves were so beautiful.

A sea lion skeleton discovered in 1890!!

Finally we arrived in Reedsport. We stayed in Winchester bay, a crazy tiny little redneck town. We met up with GF's friend "Chick N Wing", who's dad brought a sandrail and some quads to play int he sand dunes. We checked out our cabin which was so adorable and cozy. We both slept REALLY well that night.. Really we slept good the whole trip! Lucky us! 

 The next day we got up late and wondered around. Chicken wanted to meet us for lunch but the GPS's took us like 20 miles out of the way (Google you failed 3 times... 3!!!) but we finally made it to the resterant, a good little seafood place called Griff's. We got an Ahi Tuna and a Pawn and Fish and Chips meal. It was sooooooo good!! All of it! The fish is so fresh, cought right in the bay.

Next we headed out, where Chick and her family had rented crab traps! We spent a few hours crabbing, which includes tying down fish entrails, tossing the trap in, then pulling it back every 10 minutes. This time we didnt catch anything but it was super fun!!

For dinner I made us some hobo dinners, aka pocket stew. Basically is hamburger, potato, onion and carrots all chopped, sprinkled with lemon pepper and cooked until done. We enjoyed our meal with some Rogue ale. I think we had the mocha porter that night but I really dont remember. But we DID freeze our Rogue mugs and felt all fancy :3

Tuesday we got up earlier and walked around in the beautiful fog. It was like 66 the whole time we were there. We went out crabbing a little and actually cought some! Sadly they were way to small and had to be thrown back. We took it pretty easy this day and after dinner Cesar and Heather drove out and met us! Also, I saw a Harbor seal!! He was stealing crab bait out of traps, which I loved!!

With Cesar and heather we made a HUGE feast!! Since we were having trouble catching crabs we bought some, which were increadibly cheap since they catch them there. We also got Salt water oysters, prawns and salmon. Amazing!!

After Heather and Cesar headed out we went for a walk on the dunes. So beautiful! There are parts for the ATV's and parts just for walking, so we didnt get murdered.

More pictures to come from the trip!!

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