Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oregon Part 3

Sorry this is taking so long, but here are some more pictures from the Oregon!! :3 on thursday we headed to the Aquarium, which is small but lovely and full of Snuffy's!! (seals and sea lions)

Ha ha, coin operated waterfalls...

He's on a boat

Yes, that is a giant Japanese crab 

Snuffy's and a Sea Otter doing things teenage boys dream of...

I love big ugly fish.. Groupers rule

After the aquarium we headed back to Rogue Brew for a meal and a factory tour!! This was super inspiring, i think I could get into the beer making culture

Gatta have a brewery dog

Christmas brew for Aussies, you know, flipped seasons

 We after touring the beer part we went over to see how Spirits are made, and Along the way saw some guys cleaning Tuna. Tuna are cool as shit BTW, and HEAVY

My two favorite signs possibly ever

after we headed back to camp, and along the way we stopped for some soda's at a cute little candy shop, where i saw candy Agates. I asked if there were agates on the beaches around, since I had collected them as a child. The counter gal refered us to a little old man sitting behind us, and it turns out he was the local fossil hunter, rock genius! He gave me a keyhole limpit shell, said the rock i had found i thought was a fossil really was a fossil, and was generally amazing.

Enjoy these shots and I'll have more pictures soon!!

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