Monday, June 11, 2012

Adventure In Monterey

So Monterey was amazing. Honestly one of the best present I have ever received for my birthday :) Gentleman Friend, His best friend, wife and I all got along amazingly well (Im approved! yay!!) and had sooooo much fun! We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for 2 days, and I fish geeked out. We also collected smashed pennies (The collection passed 200 pieces!!), ate FABULOUS food and took long walks on the beach. After two amazing days we headed up to Sonoma for wine tasting and hot tubbing.

Im so spoiled...

The Gerbil Tamer with Moon Jellies

The "Wingman" and Gentleman Friend holding a brew

At the aquarium they focused on Jelly Fish, which it turns out are AMAZING. They have no brains and are just super cool. I took about a thousand pictures of them and will hopefully post some soon. We also got to see them feed the otters (CUUUUUUTE) and I found a super ugly grouper I Heart. :) and seahorses, and cute little GOBIES!!! Btw I LOVE gobies.. I kind of ache for my little bumble bee's again.. maybe when I move Jellybean fish into her bigger tank.... ;)

Also, in Sonoma, I rode the tram again and DIDN'T cry, and we visited a freakin CASTLE. Im gunna get used to this... Trouble!!

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