Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dodgers at Giants

So last night the dearest Gentleman Friend took me along with him to the Dodgers Giants baseball game!! :D  He won the ticket in a charity auction and instead of taking one of his man-friends he picked me. We met up after his work, and grabbed some curry (YUM!!) which was delightfully spicy. Then we headed over to the game and consumed Garlic Fries (OMG YUM!) while Giants pitcher Matt Cain recieved the key to the City for pitching a perfect game. Im not going to lie, I know next to NOTHING about baseball. But GF was kind and explained things to me. The game was.. well... less then edge of your seat with no score untill the 3rd or 4th inning, but we made sarcastic comments with the guys next to us (insurance sales men) about the tiny $7 corn dogs and $10 beers. A wonderful time was had and Im that much more smitten with him :)

Today I have been homework my rear off. I kind of procrastinated a bit.. even after last night with another bout of insomnia, i just goofed around. So Im once again at local corporate coffee place. but in the parking lot there is a super cool car!!! Rad eh? Ive seen it around town and finally caught up to it. 

So last night in my not sleeping I found my old blog from a few years ago. I honestly forgot all about it, which is weird as I blogged almst every day for like 6 years there. I added the link to my clickables, but its also:

I read through a bunch of old entrees, my gowd Im a whining weenie!! lol. And my spelling is terrible... oh well. It also turns out I actually had some readers!! Actually looks like I have a reader or two here (WHY??? lol) which is such a strange concept. Not that its privet, this IS the interwebs, and its not like I dont WANT readers... Blah blah blah Ill be quiet now...

Oh FYI I actually updated my Art blog Im starting slowly, Don't Eat the Charcoal. So for art updates I guess check there infrequently ;) 

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