Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lovely Days and Insomnia

I dont know what happened just then. But its adorable... Anywho!! So I had a very lovely weekend with Patch and Casper, and Gentleman Friend. Poor pets at my house are neglected to NO END... Beniegn neglect? Anywho, The weekend was full of snuggles, failed bacon pancakes and GF's first IKEA trip!! :D He got lots of idea's for deckin out the bachalor pad, we ate EVERYTHING int he cafe's and he got me a plate set (insert awww's and vomit, yes I am apparently that girl) BTW plates are PURPLE!!!

GF also got some plates. Turns out you spell classy KALAS. Yes I stole this picture...

Color and Design is.. A lot of work. As is the online class, but I can do it!!! :D Stay positive!!

Also, its like 1:30 am on a monday night.... eerr... tues AM. I have been having these weird bouts of insomnia... I know it runs in the family on moms side... :( ugh. oh well. Work is fun. Went out for Del Taco with the co-workers tonight and they are kinda awesome.

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