Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Picture Heavey Food Edition and Plants

-AKA  Izzy downloaded her dumb-phone. So I realised my last few post have been... meh... Not like my writing is stellar, but its not been interesting, and Im sorry to anyone who may wonder by.

 I recently discovered that Reeses makes an amazing, delicios abomination known as a Big Cup (its for peanut lovers). Some of you may say "Didnt you see the comercial for them?" well, no... Still in the I dont have a TV and when I do get to watch everyone has a fast forward button mode. I can tell you it was AMAZING. You know your jealous. I consumed it while working on my Art History discussion in case you wanted way to much info...

Also this weekend I had a lovely treat of Nations, the local GIANT HAMBURGER PLACE OF AMAZINGNESS. I kind of love it. I had consumed a few beverages before entering and decided a snack would be in order (With you know who). Seeing how it was like Midnight-thirty I opted to try something new, the chili cheese fries. So basicly its fresh made fries, Hormel and American singles (for meeeeee, que Justin Farren). OMG. Perfect late night snack. Go eat it. NOW. Even my classy date who had consumed massive amounts of Etufe before seeing me (we're still not technically speaking, lol) consumed them with vigor!

Some of you may know (well, actually no one knows..) Ok, so a GREAT snack, one of my faves, is dunking Triscuits/Trader Joes Woven Wheat Wafers in Greek Yogurt. YUM!! WEIRD! But you'll like it. So I was happily munching along the other night, around ohhh.... well... morning time... and noticed something...

 Read UNDER Rosemary and Olive Oil... Natural flavor with other natural flavor... WOW. Thats like.. double the flavor.

I stopped home to feed the felines (still house sitting, hence the acutal posting) and water the plants. Turns out Im actually growing some things!! My experiment with a hen and chick living with a pineapple sage is going quite nicely, and both are blooming on the deck. Ya, thats a beaver tail cactus on the step above. The spiders are all great, and the all green one is shooting out babies once again! My buddy who almost didnt make the trip from Detroit! Also, Aloe Vera Wang is ready for a repotting here quick.

My baby tomatoes are thriving as well. Well, half are amazing and the other half are almost dead really... The ones I didnt wait to plant are super happy! lol. Their even starting to shoot out some tomatoes!! Lookie there!!! What kind of toms did I buy? Bah, buying is for chumps. I got these from my dear Aunt Nan, from mystery heirloom seeds. Looks like there are 3 types, so I have about 2 of each. I'll try and remember to keep yall posted ;)

And lastly, today after taking Crazy Uncle shoe shopping, I stopped off to get the felines some feed. While wondering through the local corporate petshop (competitior to terrible Corporate Petshop) I saw they were cleaning the critter cages. Upon passing I saw possibly the CUTEST act of controled instincual behavior EVER!!! 

Mice are friends not food

Not only am I now having dog withdrawls but I also miss my mouse. Look how CUTE they all are!!! :D All furry and snuggly and fou fou-y..... Ok, Ive lost it... Im gunna go do something now...

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  1. Oh nooo! Now I want Reeses cups! They are so obscenely delicious.