Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October! :D

Hello all! Its finally the most wonderful time of the year, OCTOBER! Harvest! Halloween! Fall! All those good things. This weekend was beautiful and amazing thanks to the EPICALLY AMAZING Aunties, and the always wonderful and handsome Gentleman Friend. Lets see, where to begin..

Friday was horrifying. I rolled my ankle on the way to work and pulled a tendon. I got to work and tried for about an hour, and decided I just couldn't handle this, especially for epically low pay, so I texted GF I was gunna bus over and to pick me up by his house. After an hour of waiting for a bus that never arrived he offered to pick me up, and that's when I realized it was Critical Mass. What is Critical Mass? When Narcissistic Douche nozzles get on bikes and take over the road telling the man and cars to fuck off. Their just mad because they have to many DUI's to get a licence. Anywho, after meeting GF, we waited in line for the never ending line of narcasis' and ass hats until i got out of the car and stopped them for a moment to let traffic through. Then a few decided pedestrians weren't cool either and ran my limping ass over. THEY HIT ME. I knocked 2 off bikes on the way down, and got up and pushed another over. I also saw 2 throw bikes onto vehicles, and when I told one to suck a bag of dicks another told me we all should (I admit, funny as hell!) anyway, I would like to start a petition to END CRITICAL MASS. They are only looking out for themselves and actually injure people. BTW, from the chick in the Utah sweater, Fuckers, I will get you for that. Anyway hate rant over, GF finally got me home after getting to a side street and blasting home. he them pampered me with Ibuprofen, rubs and Chinese Food (Ho's delivered! :D)

Saturday we got up early and drove up to Tahoe! GF showed me the glorious and amazing hotel on the hill where he used to work, which I brought down property values just by standing there, then up to the lake to the most AMAZING little beach on the lake. Anyone who has never been to Lake Tahoe, put it on your bucket list, its worth EVERY MOMENT!

From there we hit up a cute little car show on the Nevada Side of Tahoe

After that we headed up to the Aunt's Cabin. Its just outside of Truckee in Norden/Soda Springs, which is the less popular area up there, so its quieter, and much much better. We spent the weekend playing board games, eating junk food, and drinking beer. Also taking long walks along the Truckee River and basically being spoiled rotten :) Amy was up too which was nice! Its hard to track down 16 year olds... Anywho, Patch is getting old, and her legs arnt so good these days. its sad but this may have been her last trip to the cabin. She is only 13 years old!

Im really lucky :)

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  1. Holy crap that is GORGEOUS. I'm definitely putting Lake Tahoe on my bucket list. I can't believe they hit you?! I've never heard of such a thing. What a bunch of twats.