Friday, April 17, 2015

The Skip in a Song

Today while walking down the street, headphones in my head holes, in was listening to Marc Maron. I heart WTF and Marc. Anywho, he was talking to Mic Jagger! Holy crap! And after the 10 minute interview, Mic graciously hung up and Marc did his thing, going through his thoughts. My favorite part BTW. Marc mentioned listening to an album in his youth and it having a skip at a very specific point, and for two decades after waiting for that skip in other versions.

This is what music should be

I also have songs, mine bad tapes and shitty CD copies. Songs I can time based on clicks and scratches, that's what made your copy unique. Also music was more sacred. Now its disposable. I know people who go through songs like they are potato chips. I grew up with parents who were very into music, hell, Dad toured with Buddy Miles, Uriah Heep and worked with Janis Joplin. But we were also broke as shit, and therefor each album, cassette and CD were like gold. The first Album I bought with my own money was the Beetlejuice sound track. Followed by Harry Belafonte. But I wanted the movie album because i could get the most variety of music for my buck. This tend continued for a long time for me, some of the life changers were the Twister Sound Track- My first into to Van Halen, Matrix Soundtrack- oh metal! and the Drew Carry Show Soundtrack, thats an amazing collection of early rock. Each one had imperfections I would wait for with my CD Walkman in hand. 

I still don't get music "In Bulk". Actually I came into some iTunes gift cards thanks to Handsome Gentleman Friend, and have been buying up songs one at a time. Just singles. I was for a while buying them once a week, and obsessing over it for a week or so then moving on. After quitting horrible corporate job I have been more conservative, though this morning, as if bringing this Maron quote into being, I got some songs I had been lusting after since high school, blasting when I could catch them not he radio but never made it into my collection. 

Any suggestions of singles to add to my collections? Im big into 60, 70, 80s rock 

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