Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wildebeest Go!

Allow me to convolute and confuse this story. I bought a Wildebeest. Not a real Wildebeest, but a plastic one. Im having a naming contest now, so if you have any ideas post below! Anywho, why did I buy a Wildebeest? Well, as people should know by now, San Francisco is firkin expensive. it is currently the most expensive place to live in the US. Downtown here in SF, there is (for now) a FANTASTIC toy store on market street called Jeffry's. Jeffry's Toys is like the toy stow you see in the movies, plashes and puzzles and stacks of dinosaurs, the best. But sadly all good things must end. After 40 years of being an SF institution, their rent has been raised to $40k a month. Thats right, FOURTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Monthly. So they have decided its just not worth it and will be closing their doors at the end of the month. 

This is devastating for me. Sadly i didn't have the opportunity to grow up with them, but since moving to the city this is a place i bring out of town friends, go when I'm down, and play with the dinosaurs and plashes and read comics and generally be a nuisance to the poor sales people. and this little oasis in a sea of hipster beards, $6 coffee and artesianal toast bars is leaving. The only ray of sunshine in this typhoon is.. every things 30% off. 

So I went by to see how things were. As of now the store is pretty well stocked, it will be weird watching it till its end of days become empty as its such a full store, every shelf packed. I walked by the plastic animal rack, looking honestly for dinosaurs and things like that when i saw a row of Wildebeest. Most of the 4 inch plastic animals are about $6-10 depending but all of these guys were marked $2.50, which means their under the $2 mark with the 30% off. Perfect time to pick up a new travel companion. So i bought a wildebeest! He (actually I just looked up the toy, its a female apparently!) so SHE has her own blog:

Be sure to add it to your insane tumblr feed. Im trying to get the hang of tumblr but its so fast paced and add and I just don't have the patience or the time to check every 45 minutes to keep up with the insane tumbling... but maybe Wildebeest will. 

I missed blogging, and Im glad Im back to it. Lets see if I can keep it up  more then once a month... Also on that note, one of my favorite bloggers is back, Rachele of the late Near Sighted Owl has a new blog Lady Bits And I'm so happy because i love her writing. Also for a more realistic update schedule of my happenings check out Handsome Gentleman Friends Blog. He's way better at updates then I am, plus he takes care of the brew blog Terrible Lizard.  

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