Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fire on the West Side

Yesterday I should have covered this. Ont he west side of town there was a huge fire in a very old school due to the lightning. The storm was really beautiful, I was up at 5:30 am to get ready for work and watched it for an hour. Im weird.

I am about to become a full blown Michigan resident!! I signed up for my Michigan drivers licence! And its special so I can go to Canada. Im gunna to out of country!!!! two weeks. gatta wait two weeks....

Also, no pictures (Sad face) but I got two new little hermit crabs. I think Herman might have passed on T_T but   have this fantastic set up so why waste it. I hope to fill it with crabbies again one day. I also picked Cooper up a chewy house, one he can eat and- he hates it. of course. Why would he want a $6 house when he can eat toilet paper tubes? Gerbils...

I repotted the plants in between jobs. Everyone got a new pot, even the spider plants, which means I wont have babies for about a year, but they will live longer. Got some good deals at WalMart on pots, colorful self wattering pots for $1 each, but the service was terrible. I wondered around for 45 minutes looking for potting soil in something other then 5 cup bags, and everyone I asked pointed outside. I kept looking but it wasnt there. Finally I left in a huff and a sweet gal said she found it outside in the parking lot. Thats nice, but I already had everything else, like i could just leave, right? So I went over to target and got a big bag of Miracle Grow self feeding. Yay for me getting to be lazy! 

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