Saturday, May 28, 2011

Full House

And not the 90's show with Uncle Jesse. My little home is become full! But first, sorry for the lack of posting, I have been working my rear off. I got hired over at the Model T-Plex!!! :D Hurrah! and for more money then i imagined!! :D

Also, last week I brought home a friend, a little betta with a bad swim bladder. This means he doesnt swim right, so as a mature adult, I named him Swimmi.

He is pretty cool, and and i got a very trendy and appealing tank for him. Work is going well, just keeps going and going and going... Infact at work last night, at corporate pet shop, someone dropped off my other new addition.. Meet the kitten:

He is super chill, infact he is sitting on my shoulder currently... about 6-8 weeks old, and happily using the liter box with no problems (knock on wood!!) I havnt had a kitten in so long, its going to be an adventure. Thank goodness for the discount at corporate pet shop!! 

I was supposed to go hiking today, but I am just to tired. my soul is tired. plus I want to play with kitten. :) Next week I head out to California!! OMG. I miss everyone so much. I get to se my future apartment, and see my family and friends. Im kind of sad leaving Michigan now. I have a nice apartment, am meeting friends, seeing a therapist and making a life. But I DO NOT want to go through another winter out here. I would need something huge to keep me. Alix is going to watch 46 and its occupants while Im out. :) yay for friends


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