Friday, May 6, 2011

Return to Belle Isle Zoo

So my friend and I returned to the land of the lost, aka Belle Isle Zoo. The more I learn about the zoo the sadder I become. Turns out the zoo ran from 1895 untill 2002, which the mayor who shall not be named closed it, along with the aquarium. Stupid politics. Anywho, untill 2005 the few Europian Fallow Deer who roamed the island were housed there, untill they were moved to the little nature zoo built on the other side of the park due to the shitty fencing falling down that the famous mayor's good buddy build for a few million. (3 years of use eh?) Anyway, this day the gate was busted open, so we took a look around.

Nature is reclaiming it slowly. I feel in a few months I should go back and see the foliage growing :)

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