Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok, Sorry to all of you for the double post.. wait.. all none of you. Sorry Cooper, you have to listen to me type 4 feet from your den. Anywho, after signing the corporate letter of DOOM saying I wouldnt type anything about our company or its customers I must share a story about some awesomeness that has spanned 3 jobs and much hilarity.

This story begins at the horrible, terrible Resterant I worked at in January. It is a made to order, all you can eat seafood place. This place is in downtown Detroit, and has a certain... Clietel? a specific type of person to frequents regularly. These customers often order things their own way. "I wanted that red stuff fo ma salad." "French dressing?" "Ya, I SAID the red stuff. You deaf?" and so on and so fourth. My favorite of for an order of "Scrimps", thats right, not a typo- scrimps. fried scrimps usually. When I left said hell hole, and started at the pizza shop, we have these same wonderful customers asking us why we don't offer scrimps. "You need a scrimp and rib platta." Yep. Thats right, we're a pizza place with ribs, chicken and NO scrimps.

This brings me to corporate pet shop. I was putting along, catching dead fish, re-planting plastic plants and the like and a lovely male customer comes over to me. "Yo, I need some scrimps fo ma tank." Yo? Scrimps? Took most of my energy not to die laughing. I got the man his scrimps and we parted ways without me breaking into fits of laughter.

End Rant

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