Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventure time!

So my lovely Gentleman Friend once again is spoiling the CRAP out of me :) Tomorrow night we're heading to the Excelsior in Monterey with his best friend and wife. Friends wife, not GF's. .. .. . . Not repeating bad history.. Anywho! After that back to the bay, then up to Sonoma where the GF will use his wonderful business cards to get us drunk for freeeeeeeeee!! Oh ya ;) Im quite smitten. And he's good looking to boot... RRRrrr ;) Cats are already suspicious

ANYWAY.... Job is well, got the weekend off which is FAB. I guess the joy of part time. Gatta work my BDay but so is life. Got the Sat after off so party time with GF

Tomatoes are started! got some flowers so a good sign! Update on the house plants, Aloe Vera Wang is fab, needs a new pot because she's way outgrown this one. The spidies are all goin crazy in this weather and the wondering jew is the brightest Ive ever seen it! The hen and chicks is doing well also. and the one that was a gift from my neighbor is flowering!! :D The African Violet 2 got a little dry but i think will be ok

I can grow things!!!

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