Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Job! Upcoming Adventure! Life!

And so much more! So I have been a work-a-holic this week at the new job. Not gunna lie, thusly its really not bad. Not bad at ALL. A little enjoyable even. Why would selling men's shoes possibly be enjoyable? Well, maybe its my frame of reference. After the California Corporate petshop gig and horrific managers, constant animal abuse and little monies, and before that working my happy ass off for no monies and little perks, and basicly having had a bunch of crappy jobs, its nice to have a job where people know what their doing. Also, men know what the FUCK THEY WANT. They want a pair of shoes. They want to leave with a pair of shoes. I fetch shoes they give me monies. Not that there arnt annoying/evil/spoiled customers, and not that there arnt angry wives, but over all its "Fetch me this shoe" which isnt to hard. well, sometimes its hard to locate it, but that too is like a treasure hunt. and we KNOW how I feel about treasure/geocashing/etc.

Memorial Weekend was the 75th anniversery of the Golden Gate Bridge.

 they had lovely fireworks, bands, food trucks (OMG) and tons of fun, which Gentleman Friend told me ALL about as I.... was working... Earnin the cash ;) Anywho, Papa worked on the bridge loooooong ago, mostly for earthquake retrofits but still, that bridge helped put food on my familys table.

This weekend Im going to be spoiled out of my mind by the GF. His best friend is coming to town and apparently we're going to PARTY!! In varios citys even ;) Not gunna lie, super excited!!!

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