Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Neglect

Sorry to everyone not reading this blog... Been busy and hence not posting... So... Updates? I have a gentleman friend now ;) always very nice. He's tall and handsome and treats me like a goddess... Complete opposite of what I usually attract! (Whats the catch here....?) Anywho, schools coming along... This semester is a doozy, I know I keep saying that but you try taking 4 studio classes! I know i know, I did it to myself.. Oh well. Just a fun fact, Doozy comes from Duesenberg, like the car! Wait, you dont know what a duesy is? For shaaaaaaaaaame...

So back to updates, I had a roomate.. Then I had to ask her to leave, she told me she resents the way I keep up my kitchen then questioned my state of mind... So :P go be homeless, I put myself out for you. Sorry, petty moment, but I needed to get it out of my system.

Gentleman friend has been taking excelent care of me. We went wine tasting a few weeks ago, where aparently his buisness cards are better then cash! Free wine! Woot!! We also went to the races on dollar day and ate dollar hotdogs, drank dollar beer and made dollar bets. For his Birthday I drove him to Santa Cruz and showed him Seacliff and Aptos. So near and dear to my heart. While out by the Palo Alto we saw dolphins and a humback whale!! Ive never been so close to one! It was just about a perfect day, finished off with a fabulous bad movie starring John Wayne as Ghangis Khan.... Thats right, not a typo. :) Im quite smitten. So omeone punch me in the face already!!

Also, DRAMA! So the plumbing had been backing up terribly at the house, and kept overflowing into poor DeeDee's garage :( So we finally had to fix it, which involved 3K and ripping up part of the driveway!! Poor little 2011!! (Did I mention Im calling this house 2011? Like the apartment was 46?) but everything runs beautifully now. Also Darlene had work the same weekend. She needed bushings, tie rod, dust covers, and her idler was clogged.... but the shade tree mechanic Dave got her going good on a student budget! With some creeepy flirting.... weird!!!

Castor and Pickles are well. Castor is a pain in my ass, and horribly jealous of Gentleman friend, until he gets pets. Pickles on the other hand has a hard on for GF, a total boy crush! Which surprised me, since GF is tall... REALLY tall :) I thought since Pickles hasnt been around many men and no one tall he might panic... (like he did over, well, everything?) but nope, all over him! Cooper is great, burrowing and tunnling only to be crushed benieth the substrate. Herman and his little buddy Mr. Pinchi the 3 came out as the weather has been AMAZING!! In fact AMAZBALLS!!! lol. Bettas are good, but lost Draco. Poor pretty boy... Betta girl was a bit depressed, no one to inimidate...

Ok, Ill try and update more...

PS- Im back to playing neos... Shame.. Im a grown ass woman (supposedly) but if you care to join me, Im tangledfeet.


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