Sunday, May 20, 2012

Take a breath

So its Sunday, Im in Local Corporate Coffee Shop drinking a caffeinated beverage, Adam blasting in my head, taking a moment. Finals are over, an amazing but stressful weekend was had and now I have a moment again.

Ok, so I survived finals. I spent an entire weekend getting perspective together and sacrificed my other 3 finals a bit. I banked a good solid C and am glad for it. Wish it could have been better but with a good 1/3 of the class seeing Joko again next year, I'll take it :) All of my Charts for Anatomy came out fairly nice (I painted all of them) and getting scanned and bound made for quite a nice piece to turn in. My two figure final got sort of mailed in, but Sandy seemed to like it so that went exceedingly well. Clothed Figure with George also went well, I applied many of my "Im half assing this but I'll include all the s*** teachers love so you cant mark me to low" tactics and George took pictures to show other classes in the future... makes me wish I had more time to make it look good. Kevin didn't fall for any of my tricks and graded me pretty harsh. I passed but he knows I mailed it in.. he wanted a 9 and I delivered a 6. He knew it. But my in class work was good and my sketch book was sturdy so ya...

We finished early on Thursday, my last final, so our little group headed over to a Mexican resterant and had a good bye meal. Marius back to Canadia, Ricardo to Portugal, and Angela, Emily, Nancy and I left to party in Cali... I dont know where Trey is, he's so quiet and off in amazing artist land. It was so good.

Arnt we cute? Anywho I RAN home and cleaned for 2 hours strait, then headed over to Oakland International to pick up... MAMA!!! :D I love my mama. She came in for the Camp Seabow reunion. What is Camp Seabow? A campfire girls camp That ran from the early 40's until the late 70's and where my Aunties and mom spent 20 years of summers having adventures and growing up.

Friday we were gunna go shop and party in the city but decided to hang out and go to my local ichiban kan instead. I got home and cooked a fabulous meal of Enchiladas (Aunt Nan's recipe I'll post soon :) ) and The Aunt came over. Also, Invited Gentleman Friend.. Ya... I did that. ... .. . . ....... .... . . Anywho, everything went well. I knew it would. I wasnt worried about GF passing the test or them, but very nervous about my little worlds colliding. Also my demons are rearing up and telling me that past events are sure to repeat. I keep trying to ward them off but Im a bit broken apparently. (Shock. Amaze.) Stupid demons.. Not all men are low life and not all relationships are doomed to end in a fiery wreck of fucking doom. o.o

Back to adventures, Friday was amazing. The next morning was Seabow reunion and I felt bad but I woke poor GF up like 9 times getting ready. I rewarded him with left over enchiladas and Vitawater (his fave!) and we got everything packed, and mom and I were off! met the Aunts and jumped on the ferry at Tiburon. I've never been to angel Island so it was an AMAZING adventure. The reunion was so cute, little old ladies singing camp songs, reliving history and playing bugles and ukuleles. It was followed by a lovely dinner at an overprice Mexican place and beer at the Aunts. FYI I NEED to camp at Angel Island. I wanna break into the old barracks.

Today we went to Thrifttown, Nations and hung out. Finally I had to take Mom to the Airport. I did watch the eclipse today, it was AMAZING!!! But I went in my house and suddenly felt so alone... So strange. I havnt had that feeling since I was in Detroit. not a totaly sad feeling, just very.... awakening? 

So here I am, Finally updating my blog :)

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