Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Employment Once More

Yes, once again I am employed!! Its at a large corporate department store I have worked for in the past. New Deptartment, mens shoes. My manager seems pretty good, as I was supposed to start working today apparently but was uniformed. My fault im sure.... ... . . But did 8 hours of computer training yesterday and start tomorrow. Joy? Meh....

Got to go to an art show last night, one of the models from shcool had it at a suuuuuper cute coffee shop in the Height. Gentleman Friend treated me to dinner and a drink, and was wonderful.

Terry, model/artist/interesting human

 We chatted with Terry until I became the worlds biggest weinie and my neck seized up. It had started to give me problems on the computer and all day but I ignored it. So GF took me to his place (sexy! wait.. except when your a cripple) and waited on me hand and foot. He's way to sweet that way.

I stayed in bed in pain way to long this morning, but when I got up Fashion Rachel and I got to hang out and wondered around the Mission buying fabric for her for summer. It was really nice, we havnt just hung out all semester.

The pets are all fine. Maybe Ill get some shots of them... Gah Im so lazy

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