Monday, May 21, 2012

Day of Break

Yay!! Two updates in one week!! OMG! Sorry for the maudlin post yesterday, feeling off. Got pleeeeeennnntttyyy of sleep and feeling good. Tomorrow I start working for corporate clothing store.. its been many years since i have, maybe I'll enjoy it more. And at least its a job. And I get a decent discount.

Kitler scared me last night. After posting I headed to the 2011 and put Advantage 2 on the cats. They both ran around like idiots and wrestled (by wrestling Kitler attacked Pickles). Next thing I know kitten is running around drooling and frothing. I think, oh crap, he's having a reaction and I dont even know where the vet clinic is..... So I run and get the directions (which i was gunna chuck but didn't because of Aunt Sue, thankies!) and turns out if they lick it they will drool uncontrolably. Like when they attack their gay lover and chew on his neck.
No drool but guilty

Kitten then proceeded to do it 4 MORE TIMES. Drool all night. on my pillow. ick.

School starts again in a few weeks! Hazzah! Color and Design I will beat you... This is supposed to be one of the harder classes available/required at the school. but with Dave the Color Nazi for Color Theory I should be able to do it. Right?

Anywho, Spent like 3 hours at Corporate coffee shop with out buying a thing! yay!! :D Lol Im terrible. Soon I'll head home, eat some food and draw some things. I gatta keep drawing. I keep threatening Gentleman Friend Im gunna use him for figure drawing ;) Maybe I should follow through with my threat. ooowww and I have games to play I have been ignoring for 4 months... Im not a nerd... o.o I swear.

Stay tuned for more actual updates and adventures. There are more to be had for sure! Plus Im due for another major disaster ;)

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