Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adventure, Sports and More

 So this week has been EPIC!! School, work, Gentlemanlu Company.. The usual, except Tues GF had won tickets to the Giants/Dodgers game. AMAZING! It was super fun, and we had awesome seats. Before hand he also treated me to Curry (OMG YESS!!!!)We also got Garlic fries and had tons of fun. While there they presented the pitcher Matt Cain with the key to the city for his perfect game pitching two weeks before. Sooooo Good!! THEN as if that wasnt enough, on the way home we got some bootleg T-Shirts. Mine says fear the beard ;)

So Thursday we met for lunch, i brought him a sandwich.... :) And we planned to go to dinner. While at dinner later Donovan from the karaoke group called and announced he had a bunch of tickets to the Giants Reds game and wanted us to go! And Special seats! Im so spoiled.At the game there was the CUTEST kid who was soooooo into the game, he was also wearing a panda hat.

Saturday was my friend Tye's wedding. Yes, the Tye who swore she would never have kids (currently 1.5) The Tye who wanted to have a groomless wedding. The comic collecting, videogameing awesome gal. My gowd she looked happy :) Its was beautiful and adorable. Got to catch up with her sister and dad who are hilarious. Also went with Miss Wings. I forgot how much I love hanging out with her :) We drove up to FOREST HILL, then I drove her back and we hung out for a few hours. After being super late, I met up with Flea. Really SHE was super late... like 6 HOURS. But I got to see my wife and she bought me some dinner.

I got home at 2 am and it was AMAZING

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