Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ha! Im back! Crazy picture heavy

Sory once again for the neglect! But I have a pile of good reasons, including but not limited to-

School- which is in full force and amazing. Infact I made a paper sculpture of one of my little characters for a project, and so here he is!! :D

Kong the Robot Panda!! Super cute eh?

Gentleman Friends family visited- His mom and Step dad came out for their aniversery. I had to work most of it, but got to spend a day in Monterey with them, eating amazing food and being jolly! He really spoils the shit out of me. We visited a mission, ate Italian and hung out watching the sunset on the beach. Also at some point we wondered through a toy store and I played with dinosaurs. We also stopped by the butterfly sanctuary, but it was to dark for pictures

Hanging out with Fashion Rachel- she came and hung out for a day and a night, we havnt done that in a million years it feels like! (really 6 months or so). We got to go to Berkley for pizza, went to flower land and dug through the Halloween clearance! Yay!!

Being a Princess in Half Moon Bay- So last but NOT LEAST, Gentleman Friend has been working like a rock star at his grown up job and was rewarded with a trip to the amazing Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton, which is a Castle on the beach. while he was busy giving a talk to some peers and mingling with corporate, I was taking baths in the GIANT tub, touring Half Moon Bay, Drinking complementery wine from the front desk and playing at the beach. For Dinner corporate treated us to an esquisit 5 star meal, I had perfect lamb (with lamb bacon OMG) with some chive fettachini. GF had braised short ribs and we both shared some wine. Then they ordered us desert, which were epic, and to boot we were gifted a $35 smore kit for taking out to the fire pit. It contained home made ginger snaps, home made marshmallows and rich 72% cocoa. 

The next morning we met up with corporate for breakfast and were treated once again! We both had the Dungeness Crab eggs benadict. It was so amazing! and once again, piles of pictures. Also while walking alone on the coast 3 pelicans flew less then 3 feet by me. I HEART pelicans, and it was such an amazing moment!!

If you made it this far, congrats!! I'll really try and be on it more, sorry guys! But not bad for 7 days :3

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  1. Jeez Luweez!!! I'm freaking out over the violin, plates and birds. AND THAT FIREPLACE! Waah! I'm super jealous. Also, is your blog title new? It looks a wee different =]