Thursday, November 1, 2012

Long Time No Post!

Sorry guys! Its been crazy with work doubling hours, school, HALLOWEEN and general crazyness. I will try and be better. Sow ith so much going on, here are some pictures!! First off I got my first reading glasses since the mid 90's! Rad :) Ordered them through and am GREATLY pleased. Of course as Im writing this I have forgotten them, but meh. I also have been drinking Trader joe's pumpkin Rooibos tea, which is delightful!! I highly recomend it, infact bought a second tin of it just in case :) Over the weekend a party was had that will be described shortly, but I was Carmen San Diego and Gentleman Friend was Waldo!! We were a hit :3

This week the GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! Which means for those not in the know, San Francisco played baseball goooood. Lol! It was insanity in the streets, including rioting and the burning of 3 Muni busses (public trans) at the cost of around $71k A PIECE. And the city decided to forgive the violators as it was the world series. Good to know we have first world problems, eh? Anywho, there was a parade that stopped the city for like 8 hours to welcome them home from Detroit. I was sadly in class but after met Gentleman Friend for a bit and we bought some bootleg pennets off the street- 2 for $5! So nice so nice. Also GF's soft ball team is UNDEFEATED!! and off to the championship!! We celebrated with Pizza, beer and drunken co workers. So much fun!!

At work yesterday everyone was either sick, in Giants gear or decked out for the holiday. 

Gentleman Friends work doesnt allow costumes, but he can still be festive

So back to the party. Saturday after working all day, my co-worker Peter had an epic party! My camera doesnt have a flash but I got a few blurry pictures. There were drinks, a live band, lead by the host, and tons of good people and great costumes! Of course the people from men's shoes were the rowdy-est and partyest!! Ya we rock. There was a pumpkin used as a keg with ale, which I thought was quite clever!! All in all it was awesome. We didnt stay too late as the officers would be out looking for tickets to hand out

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  1. Yay, you're back! This looks like too much fun and I love the tin that the tea comes in. I'm not really into baseball, but yay? haha. I'm much more into football.