Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sadness, Reliefe and Being Cathartic

So today my friend/feux Aunt Joann passed away. She was well into her 90's, lived a long and full life, and was an increadibly interesting person. She had been bed ridden for months now, so in a way this is a reliefe, as she hated being bed ridden. Im not gunna get into to much here but she was a wonderful, crotchety old lady. Im just feeling sort of blank about it, not shock as we knew this was coming, but just not really grasping it? maybe Im just over whelmed with work and school and everything.

Its November, and still beautiful. The garden is still going strong, and check out below how HUGE my kale has gotten!! Also the Fababeans are shooting up! its going to be a feastful winter :)

I was shown a SUPER cool blog about painting HERE, she paints a still life a week. I think I want to start doing this. Maybe after school is out, when I wont be painting. :)

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