Monday, November 19, 2012

Untidy Mobil Update

Hey all! It's a late night, Izzy can't sleep update from the iPhone! So what's new in the land of nuttiness? Well the ever wonderful Gentleman Friend took me to see the Ace man himself!!! Adam Carolla!!! I know many people don't like the man show guy but I'm a huge fan!!! And gf got us front row center table seats at Cobbs!! We were right at sac level! Lol! Ill go into more detail soon with pictures but it was amazing, I'm a very lucky girl.

Also in the news, we helped clean some of Joann's things out for Terri. I ended up with the four 30 year old spiders plants from her sons funeral. Their beautiful and enormous!!! I also was left a little tv, and an iMac g5 I'm going to try and sell to help pay for a desktop for school!! Woot!!!

A lot has been going on, ill try and keep up :3

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