Sunday, December 30, 2012

After Christmas Recovery

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! :D I know I did!! My MAMA CAME!! I don know if you can tell or not but im excited. Lol anywho here are pictures from Christmas, Dicksons Faire and general awesomeness.

Work sushi from my over night shift

Bangers and Mash!

 Corsets and Masked Mama

So much Dickens Faire! 

*Sigh* work, but makin it cute

Christmas Breakfast!!

Gifts, pets and Christmas snack!!

Bruscetta and Pizza!!!

MMmmmmm.... Prime Rib....

Push up contest and Pig Mania

Hanging out in the famous Union Square with Mama :) 

Ya.. Hope your holiday was as good as mine, but Im not sure it could be :) lol kidding. Took mama to the airport Thursday and  Picked the Gentleman Friend up from the Airport on Friday. He had a good Holiday to and brought back baby Jesus Cookies (kifles) and lots of goodies!! Right now we are eating donuts and watching the Football on Redzone... Im a spoiled girl 

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