Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crafting and School and Honor

So this last weekend was the craft show. It has been raining like crazy, and while we were indoors, Im sure it kept people home. The table was $40, and we sold $41! lol!! Gentleman Friend was amazing and helped out all day, wore antlers with jingly bells and bought lunch and dinner. :) So sweet!!

So I accidentally deleted the pictures from my phone :( but Gentleman Friend won a sSUPER prestigious award at his place of work!! About time, they run that poor man ragged!! basically he is employee of the quarter!! and My lucky rear got to go and witness the event, and have a 5 star lunch of lavender chicken, toasted barley, various rolls, and a fruit tart. It was all delightful but very much GIRL food. I take it back, girl and bad stereotypes of gays food. Which is fitting for this place of work but I was sitting by all 6'7" of GF who was posed next to his co-worker who is about 6'5". I kind of wanted to order steaks for them. some MAN food. BTW skipped out of a class to attend this, a class which i had missed a week, gone a week, then missed another week, then skipped out for like 2 hours for this... lol!! Lucky I have a pretty good grasp on it and made up the work. But back to the goodness!! I teased GF that it was a penis worshipping ceremony, so he now has a 5 star penis (true story). Im so proud, he's such a super hero.

We're heading into finals, which means these few weeks before we are working on the pieces we will be turning it on finals week. While most people study for weeks for one big test, we craft for weeks on one piece, 40-60 hours often to turn it in on critique day, where it will be shredded emotionally. so little sleep will happen. plus those retarded holiday hours at work...

Speaking of work, I had my first and possibly last Ding Dong at work front he vending machine. it was really terrible. With the demise of Hostess, everyone is freaking of the loss of desserts, but WONDERBREAD, and AMERICAN STAPLE!! It too is gone. I feel like Bimbo will buy all the recipes... the Mexicans are smart that way. Yes, your Twinkies will be from Mexico is my hunch is correct.

Sorry for the rambling and lack of actual things to say, Im so tired, and get to START work in like an hour.... uuuuugggghhhhh......

The cats got along for like an hour the other day!! Here they are sharing the cat tree. 

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