Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy 55th Anniversery Whopper!! and memories

Today the Whopper is 55 years old! For those who may not be from 'Merica, We have a large coporate burger chain Burger King with a flag ship deightfull food-like-product called the Whopper. Anywho, in honor they are BUY ONE GET ONE FOR 55 CENTS!! Omg!!! Yaaaaayyy!!

By the way my RR button is a little gummy today so sorry for any typos other then my regular strangeness.

The other night I went down to the garage to get some things and discovered the flooding that ALWAYS happens was much worse and some of my boxes were getting soaked. So I moved everything around, and in the movie I found my old photo albums. So here are just a few pictures I found, more should follow...

My little Sully, gone to soon

Color theory jello

Sweet Leo pig

Fashion Rachel and Gustofer

Wife and Fashion Rachel in corn

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  1. Leo pig is adorable! Is he a guinea pig? I also got to Burger King and got me a whopper after reading your post!