Monday, December 17, 2012

Work, Finals, Work, Finals...

I have been bitching so much lately, sorry guys!! Its just getting stressful around here. Holiday hours are in full swing, (Friday I work 11:45pm to 7:45 am, because we will sell a shit ton at 3am right?) and this is finals week! Just finished Heads and Hands, which actually was fun, we drew charactures of each other. Ill post some of the good ones people drew of me. still to go, my art history final, Still life painting critique and digital media critique...

Also on a side note, MAMA IS COMING SAT!!! :D

This weekend Gentleman Friend and I exchanged gifts, sine he will be running out to Utah for almost 2 weeks.... (Im such a girl, I'll miss him) Anywho, he got me the COOLEST T-Rex Necklace!!! And a book of SHATNER!!! :D

Im such a lucky girl!! I made him action figures of some characters in a story he is writing. Ill post more pictures soon, but here is the zombie t-rex

 Also last Thursday after school GF had tickets to see Gangster Squad!! I know it doesn't come out till next year, he somehow got press passes, which included pre-show drinks, and make overs for the ladies. So I let them do my make up, munched on prechudo, and got a little buzzed :3 At the theater we split a hotdog and nachos. BTW the movie is everything you would expect from the director of Zombieland trying to do a gangster drama. GO SEE IT!! when it comes out of course...

 So ya, my work outfits are getting sillier and sillier, and i love it. So i will leave you with some shots of the bay and other silliness from work and school

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