Thursday, October 25, 2012

Work, School and Work

So we are moving into midterms, so I asked my lovely manager to lessen my hours, so I can study and work on projects. Of course he doubled my hours and I work 6 days out of 7. If this keeps up I may have to quit, which I dont want to but school is WAY more important. Schools going, as usual, my digital media teacher isnt a fan of my idea's, this seems to be the thing. but I usually pull it off. It started raining this week, and was beautiful!! I love the rain, even if I have to wonder through it between buildings. The garden is looking awesome for fall! Spider plants are going crazy this year, and Im glad, their one of my favorites

Went to the hardware and garden store with the Aunties, and of course fell in love with a christmas dino display! :D Afterwards I hung out with them, as it was my only day off, and got the CAR ALARM INSTALLED!! Yay!! So I had a deal with the alarm guy to do a mural in exchange for the alarm, but he ended up having someone else do the mural cheaper? So I am going to do some ads for him I guess. Weird clients. but the Darlene is safe!! 

 In honor of the rain, I made lentil soup! :) So yummy!!! I have been ,unching on it all week for lunches and dinner.

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