Thursday, July 7, 2011

The count down

Im so happy to leave. Things have changed a lot around here. Matisse is gone. Monday I get a text at work that "The barking has to stop now, its been going on for to long, muzzle him tonight." Barking? Howling? Omg I had no idea, so I had my neighbor watch him, and I bought a muzzle just in case. So tuesday at work I get a text that he has to go, it to much. Wait, what? How long HAS this been going on? No answer. I have to rehome my dog? Im heart broken. So I bailed on Pizza Shop (goodbye $60) and drove all the way out to take him back to Cheryls, crying the whole way (goodbye $50 in gas). Why didnt anyone tell me before it got to this point? Because everyone in Detroit is super jenky. And this California girl is done. Ya, and my neighbor is trying to make me her personal assistant, but for no pay and BTW being kind of rude about it. And Vince keeps trying to stiff me on my pay. Yup, time to go.

Castor is off at the vet today, he's getting neutered. Its so quiet and sad around here. I guess its time to let Cooper run freeeeeeee!!! lol, well, in the ball. Im getting started packing before work. I have started an experiment but I'm gunna try and keep it to its own blog. :) lol. Lemons, Lemonaide.

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