Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dieing of heat!!!

As Ms Alix put it, Cooper is trying to commit suicide on an ice cute and he's the desert rodent!! Ugh, at 8am it was already 95. supposed to be over 100. Castor is panting, and at 11 am i have soaked him twice. I get to work a 10 hour shift, yay for monies and air, but Im worried about the pets. Im gunna leave the fan going (I have a fan!!!) leave frozn water bottles for everyone except the crabs and bettas (Who are lovin it) and closed the shades.

So the fan... OMG, what an ordeal. so apparently B of A put a hold on my account- AGAIN for buying gas at BP. Same BP. No one told me. So Im at Meijer, and card keeps getting rejected. After an hour on hold, they told me they fixed it and to buy my stuff, my fan and some sheets. I call back to figure out why oh why they keep f*cking with me. they then tell me my account is still frozen untill they send my card- in 5-10 BUISNESS DAYS. -_- Done with B of A

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