Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I dont want to work this hard.

Why does everything have to been so hard? I know, Im just whinney. But I have one day off this week from both jobs, have no money and am working a few doubles. I hardly even have time to see Haily, which I need to do.

The pets are going well. Castor has been bad lately. REALLY bad. He bolted into the hall a few days ago, and ran up and down yowling and not letting me catch him. Jen tried to help but he ran from her to. Then he started jumping at random doors and yowling louder. I finally caught him and he was super panicy.

I havnt been cooking. Its been so hot I just cant do it. I lied, I did make some AMAZING grilled cheese sandwiches. I used some grinder bread (wide flat bread thats soft and doughy) slathered it with dijon and covered with colby jack mix. I then added some tomato slices and toasted to perfection. Actually I sorta burned it, but they were delish and lasted two days of lunches :)

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