Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stirring up something

How do I work so much without making ANY money what so ever? How am I got all day and all night and not able to make rent without help? Ugh... This is why finishing my education and getting a good job will be AWESOME. Anywho, things are going the way they go.

Talked to my lovely mommy the other day and we decided I will take Sphinx my parakeet back and Mr. Pickles my beautiful kitty. This may be rough as a friend wants me to also take on HER two kitty babies, and I feel like 4 cats for one girl is close to certifiable. Not that Im not, just saying.

Speaking of cats, in my discombobled rampage here, I have been reading up on cat nutrition. Pickles back in Cali has had bladder and UT problems for years, and its been an on going struggle for him. I recently started reading about the glories of wet food, which I had heard nothing but bad things about before. Apparently I have been out of the loop though and its a much better diet. So I told mom to start the Pickle on it, and Im actually thinking of getting the Kitler on it as well. No fish, thats way to stinky. lol!

BTW apparently 5 cats is the lunacy breaking point for single white female. lol!

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