Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adventure, Food, Mystery and Music

So this weekend may be one of the greatest weekends ever!!! So Saturday I ditched work at corporate dept. store and went with Gentleman Friend to San Jose. We went to the Winchester Mystery house first, my first time. (Really Izzy? as a native Californian into weird shit you never went? Well no, I was raised by raccoons and that would have cost money) Its a super cool building. Old Lady Winchester, while crazy, was also a genius. They never talk about all her water saving measures, recycling and what not during the 1890's! I'll have better pictures but here is GF on the cooky stairs in all his largeness. Turns out a guy who is 6'7'' may be a little large for a house build around a 4'11' woman. We took the 2 part tour, and the second tour guide told us to watch our heads and him to watch his shoulders. lol. Anywho...

After a long day of crusing around the Winchester Estate, we had some dinner and headed to the concert!!! Opening band was the Greg Kihn band, local radio host and guitarist, followed by an EXCELLLENT set by Pat Benatar and then Steve Miller Band. Just have to say they all have great lungs still and put on an amazing show. It lasted from 7-11:30! So amazing. We also ate a delish meal of BBQ pulled pork, yams, saute'd mushrooms and onions, and rice. OMG. One of the best meals ever! and I wasn't even hungry!! Also the Monterey Bay Aquarium was advertizing their Jellie's with a really cool parade through the stadium

Last night I headed out with the coworkers after work. Their pretty rad. Peter bought me a pair of beers, and Tai (pronounced Tay) Chatted up the bartender who decided to feed us her home made AMAZING spicy spaghetti. Tour'e and Jerry were there also. Super fun chatting and bonding with the boys. we hung out for an hour or two and I got to get to know them. Jerry walked me to BART (the train) and along the way we took pictures of the court house and a cool inflatable sculpture from the Asian Art Museum. FYI taking the midnight train after a few drinks is a little bit nerve wracking! There are some scary people on those trains at night. Some of them give long winded speaches about their life stories too... un-interesting life stories about drugs and jail. Boring drugs and jail. and So loud they drown out the Ace-man. Thats a feat. 

Tour'e, Peter and Jerry

Today is a tuesday while Im typing, and that means dance class with Aunt Nan and lunch to boot! We usually east at a wonderful little deli called the New Deli, which everyone in the world should head to. Go. Now. Hop a plan and fly to Pinole. Or into SFO or Oakland and drive over, either way, lol. But today we decided to try something new, and hit up a wonderful little taco joint Called La Esmerelda. I did mention I LOVE TACOS Right??? And some amazing little tacos I did consume. I tried a Chorizo, a steak and a carnitas. All were amazing, a little spicy and perfectly seasoned. I will be returning for sure! Plus look at the carmelized onions, marinated jalapeno and fresh radish!! Mmmmm.... Anywho... After a fab lunch, dropped by the house to say hi to Patch, my favorite little old lady and went out to try and find a birthday gift for Aunt Sue. She's a tough lady to shop for but I think I found something good. At OSH I saw some of the most beautiful Orchids I've ever seen. Look at that Blue!!!! Anyway, super picture heavy because Im playing with my new phone :) have a good day!

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