Friday, July 13, 2012

New Phone!

Yay!! Im gunna miss my old phone, my little Pantech. It lived a long, wonderful life, never letting me down and will be well cared for as a back up. I had to renew the contract so in addition I got to upgrade my phone after 2 years so I did. I gave in and got an iPhone. I have been resisting, but they were .99 so even with tax and a cover, cheapest. And my phone plan is staying the same (was gunna save $10 a month, but iphone is an extra 10 so even steven). It does have a Blogger app, so I can update more regularly hopefully!! also, perhaps pictures will be better. Im ambivolent about it though.

Schools been rough, and the online system keeps failing. I may have missed my midterm online if it didnt send which is ONLY 10% of my GRADE!!! Fu...... .. . . ... . . Anywho, what ever. Whats done is done. Color and design is going. I need to adhere to the teacher a bit more and do what he likes, but he cant really mark me down for doing the project in my own esthetic. but ill do better if I do his... :( grrr politics. (art can be seen over at Dont Eat The Charcoal)

So on Monday ate at a wonderful food truck called Mustard Mayo. We had headed out to try and find the food truck Bacon Bacon for a bacon grilled cheese, but their times were wrong on the website. (Arg... I hate that, pet peeve!!) but lucky we ended up eating DELIGHTFUL tritip sandwiches. :) They had perfect tritip, with some jalapeno, sweet peppers, wasabi mayo, grilled onions and more. the flavors are complex yet combine perfectly :) Sorry, slid into annoying essay format there.

So at local coffee shop, and they are debuting a wonderful fruit and green coffee drink. I enjoy the lime one, but honestly havnt tried the berry one yet. and DAMN this place is packed.

So, Gentleman Friend is once again the most AMAZING man in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. Not only are we heading to see Pat Benetar and the Steve Miller band tomorrow!! (and a Japanese street fair AND possibly the Winchester mystery house, and smashed pennies for sure ;) ) but he also may have tickets for ADAM LAKERS CAROLLA!!! Im a minor fan is you dont know. You may disagree, you may have a conception of his comedy, but what everyone seems to forget about comedians is that... Their COMEDIANS. Dont take their shit seriosly. I heart Ace. and my book is TOTALLY coming to be signed. and possibly the other book if I can get it. :)

a cute truck I saw in the city

Until next time, Mahalo

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