Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FOOD! PICTURES! And Other Amazing things part 2

Thank for staying tuned!! I decided to break up the joy of this amazing weekend since there so picture heavy. So for Sunday I was supposed to work but decided to go to Gentleman Friends Co-workers picnic instead. SOOOO GLAD I DID!!! They made short ribs, sushi bake, watermelon, fried chicken, low mien, and so much more! I spent another day eating myself silly. The BBQ was out in San Mateo at a lovely park on the water. the wind was up and a little crazy, and I was dressed in full work gear of skirt, blazer and tights, but so much fun was had. Families brought their kids who were soooooooo cute!! The water was great, and even with the wind the weather was warm. GF's co workers were lovely and their spouses were as well. Another great day!! Oh ya, after we went and watched the Olympics. Gowd I miss TV.

So Monday the greatness continued, GF had tickets to the Giants/Mets game. We met up after he got off work and I was out of class (finished half my final!!! :D ) For dinner we went to the American Grill for the first time. it was pricier then the Melt but REALLY good Grilled Cheese! Plus the atmosphere was delightful.  the only off putting thing about it was one of the servers looked like my ex.... creepy....

Gentleman Friend and his tallness

Then we headed to the Giants game and had GREAT seats. The game was slow (even for baseball). about half way through the game we got a little peckish and split a Bacon Wrapped Hotdog. It was delightful. They had run out of onions and jalapenos for it but it came smothered in chipotle mayo and was still good. Just an FYI though the Bacon Dog at the Blues Fest was better. So when in Giants Stadium save the $8.

 Today was dance with Patsy which I love. After a quick lunch at the lovely Cafe Esmeralda, I headed to the Aunts house and took some pictures of their AMAZING garden. One day I'll have a garden like this. Also they gave me tons of home grown apples from their tree, plums from their tree, and more blackberries then I have consumed in the last 3 years combined.

and a cool car at local coffee shop when I pulled in

PS local coffee shop is amazing. They gave me a FREE refresher for wearing my amazing My Little Pony shirt with Northstar on it. Ugh I have so much homework to do, but Marc Maron is much more interesting right now. 

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