Friday, July 6, 2012

I keep loosing my mind.. and other things

Ugh this week is epic for loosing things. First off, my beloved dragon necklace.. That I have worn every day for 10 years... It broke some time the other night and is gone. :( Im pretty heart broken about it, and have been avoiding posting about it. I dont want pity or a pile of dragon necklaces. I liked this one because it was Dragon-y without being to dragon-y. it was just super cool and swirly and kinda abstracty. Was very me.

Now I have lost my ipod charger. For those who dont know I have the worlds best ipod. its a G2 shuffle, the little one thats about 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. An old friend once gave it to me loooong ago when they came out and Its been with me through all my art classes, 10 or 11 jobs, and 4 cities. plus about a million miles. Its only about 1 gig but perfect for podcasts. Also its little battery still goes about 14 hours!! And of course I lost the charger this week. I just ordered a new one for 1.60 but it will take amonth to ship. :/ Oh well.

Moved out of Janets yesterday and picked her up at the airport after pulling an Izzy... I was waiting at Oakland, and she was at SFO... Oops... lol! but all ended up well. I also went to see the Aunts, and saw the pictures of their EPIC trip. It was amazing! and they lent me a breathing machine, which is sooooooo good!!! :D

Check this out guys, its SOOOOOOOO Funny!!

Yes, more neos, IM A NERD!!!! 

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