Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coffee and Nerding Out

Incase you havn't noticed... I'm a NERD!! Lol. There is a strange thing going on where nerds are cool now. Some people are going to tell me, "Your cool for being you" "Never care what others think" "Im a giant douche and repeat retarded logic vomited out over years by PBS programs" (Im sorry PBS, I didnt mean to offend you. Special needs community, I am reclaiming Retard for use for people who are volinatrily stupid since you dont use it anymore) But for most of my life I have been deemed "nerd" and mock for it. Mostly I dont care, less caring as I get older. But now with everyone being empowered and what not its super rad to be a nerd. I can openly tell people that as an adult I play Pokemon and Neopets. I got called a hipster recently because one of my favorite songs is mostly unknown (Fader by Temper Trap), and I wasnt sure what to think. In the past people would have said i was weird and need to listen to more mainstream music. I dont like the fact that no one has heard of Temper Trap. Im actually sad, I wish more people knew the song. I enjoy music from some local bands and a lot of oldies too, which i guess doesnt help me case.

But is being a hipster bad?

Im not a hipster. I dont fit into the community which I do find intriguing, thanking them for showering and a little annoying at times. I dont know where I fit in.  Im into punk music (oh Bad Religion, of Mighty Mighty Bostones) and country and rock and everything. I wear Dr. Marten combat boots and converse and new balance. Most of my clothes are paint stained or ready to play with farm animals, then I switch into sun dresses and skirts. I listen to more podcasts then anything and have a minor crush on Adam Carolla. I live with my cats, fish, gerbil and dont have internet or a digital ready TV. So ya....

That got very reflective. Didnt mean for it to go there, but apparently Im super self centered ;) Anywho, have spent the morning ignoring my chores and homework to play neos and download podcasts. Im at local coffee shop, enjoying my newest dark pleasure, a Cool Lime Refresher. Their pretty delightful, not to sweet, low cal and very refreshing. Plus its cafinated, made with a magic green coffee bean elixer which doesnt taste like coffee at ALL. I dont usually promote corporate things but this is GOOD. Im also nibbling on the adorable Champagne Grapes from Trader Joes. Their delightful and on sale right now, not to mention absolutly ADORABLE!!!! Another food recomendation :)

Gentleman Friend and I started working on a creative project last night. Its something we have been joking about a lot lately and jumped into! So once I have some things to show I'll keep you posted. Or as Larry Miller says "You'll be the second to know!" Also coming up, keep and eye out for some changes on the blog layout. I wanna make a banner and show off my creativity. But Im SO LAZY...... lol. But I'll actually do it here in a little bit. Know why? Well, finals are coming and I LOVE making myself insane when Im already busy. And if you play neopets friend me!! Im tangledfeet

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