Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone enjoyed celebrating the birth of our dear nation by blowing up small parts of it :) I had a lovely time.

Tuesday I got to meet the gentleman friends Mother, Stepdad, Neice and Nephew. Big step? good timing? What ever. They were increadibly delightful, and had driven all the way out from Utah (yes, he's a utonian). We spent the day in the Muir Woods/Muir Beach area. The ninjas (kids) played in the ocean and in the little river that runs through right there. There was much hand holding and general grossness to be had, with perfect weather. So cute!! After words we went for fried chicken and ribs at a local to GF's placee, Hard Knox. OMG YUM!! Eat there!! No food pictures because I am dropping the ball... but well worth it!!

Yesterday, being the 4th and all, I was supposed to work. But my asthma kept acting up and I sounded like a whooping cough victim (im sorry, survivor) So I got off early. After doing some homework I headed over to the GF's place to meet up with that group and we got ready for fireworks!!! So did I mention the GF's place is in the middle of nature? And its AMAZING? We walked about 10 minutes up the mountain and were able to watch 3 different fireworks shows!! So good!!! The kids really loved it. (picture there of Fashion Rachel with a ninja)

Inspiration Point

After a lovely night I had to head home to supposedly do homework. but seeing as I took a day off the recover from coughing fits I guess there was no rush.. except for everyone having to get ready for work/travel/etc.... BART was slam packed on the way home and stupid people made the train take 2X as long....  When the doors are closing you have to either be inside or outside of them!!! ARG!!! Anywho... 
Today I clear out of Janets.. No more unlimeted interwebs T_T But it will be nice to have her back. Also the Aunts and Amy are back. I was missin everyone!!

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