Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Time For Back Up!!

I dont know why I posted that except Ive always wanted a reason to scream it. So! Been crazy busy these days, finals are coming up, Gentleman Friend spoiling the crap out of me and work, Im not an idle girl! This last weekend sweet sweet GF and I headed up to my homeland. First stop was to see my sister, the lovely horse trainer and... eeeerrrr.... perfectionist. I had warned GF about her... sharpness? So he was plently prepared, and she was really lovely. We also got to see the taco eating pony Rubicon win a class! I didnt get a picture but GF could stand OVER Rubies and not touch him... So tall and so short... lol! But it was really nice to see Tess, we have been building up our relationship the last few years and actually acting like sisters.

Tess, Rubicon (Mr. Rubes) and Rider

Next we headed downtown and met up with Lawyer Rachel!! :D Also not mentioned, but before my move to Detroit, she put me up for about 6 months off and on. I lived on her lovely Murphy bed and played with kittens who are now cats. GF met her for the first time as well, and we watched baseball while taking football. I think they liked each other! She's one of he few people I really care about approval from. lol. But it was great, I need to get up to Sac more often. Also, Her kitty Spectro needs a home, her allergies are getting to much, so please message me if you want a really cute 2.5 year old kitty!!!

Around 2 we visited the STATE FAIR! I've not mentioned it here, but I used to show my pygmy goats out there years ago now, and have a sad nostalgia for it. I do realize its a total money sink, and it was HOT AS HELL. About 108 in Sactown, which means prolly  115 out on the blacktop of CalExpo. But we had a TON of fun! Funk.Defied was playing (their so hot!) and  we watched that show, and we saw the forestry center and got tiny Sugar Pines, ate FRIED SNICKERS and FRIED COOKIES DOUGH, visited the farm, pet sturgens, visited the goats, and spent a lot of time in the buildings with the air conditioning. I loved it so much!! We even got home about 9 or so.

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