Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FOOD! PICTURES! And Other Amazing things part 1

First and far most lets begin with the fact IM A SPOILED BRAT. :) and totally greatfull for it. Another amazing weekend with the Gentleman Friend and my old friend Paola! If anyone ever read the old blog you'll remember her from my Assisting days. Paola had a conference and crahsed at my place in between. It was so wonderful getting to see her again. On with my weekend of EATING!!

Thursday night when Paola came in on the train we went out for Chinese at the local Daiko. So good!! I had Honey Glazed BBQ Pork and Choy Sum over rice. HOLY COW!! Also I got Instagram... Ya Im turning into a phone whore. But look at the prettyness!! Anywho, Daiko is a wonderful SUPER Chinese resterant. They arnt super friendly to us white folks, but the food is amazing and fresh and cooked to order. I go there very rarely as I am a broke art student, and you cant go there for the service but the food it THAT GOOD. When going though th East bay Stop by.

Friday I went to work and after the co workers, GF, Paola and I all headed out for drinks and fun. The co-workers are a fun crowd! I like them a lot. D'wanna and Toure gave GF his official black card for his favorite movie being Pootie Tang. It was super fun and we got home way to late, as poor Paola had more seminar on Saturday and an early morning awaited.

Saturday after dropping Paola at BART I brought the sleeping GF some donuts and we headed out to the Redwood City BBQ and Blues Festival!!!! :D Ome it was SOOOOO GREAT! We ate so much food, watched whole pigs roasting on a spit, ate bacon hotdogs and enjoyed the sun. Also the music was quite delightful! Pictures!!!

The wrap was the best thing we ate of all the amazing food. it was a wonderful time with a wonderful man :) Afterwards we headed home and rented the new Sherlock Holmes movies and watched untill Paola got back. 

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