Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy February

So as most of you know, Im not a romantic, and have been an ani-Vday activist (not the ACTUAL V Day, VICTORY! I all for World War 2 guys :3) But I have to say I actually had a REALLY great, sweet, wonderful time.

I had class in the morning while Gentleman Friend flew in, and I DID dress up cute but never for a chance to photograph it (Sorry Jess! lol) I left a spare key for GF to go on into my place and we met up. He set up a REALLY sweet set up of gifts he got me from New Orleans and my childhood bear, Binky (yes I have a Binky bear :3 )

Beads from Mardi Gras, including a heart strand, a Mardi Gras Rose, Voodoo Doll, Penis whistle, and a REALLY wonderful Necklace, pictured above. He knows me so well!! :D This was all waiting for me wih a freshly showered handsome man. Im a lucky girl. He had one more thing for me but it got stolen in Oakland (Damn you shady ass Oakland!!) but Tropicana Roses are my FAVORITES, and lets face it, everyones favorite. He sent me a shot of a beautiful one from New Orleans and aparently picked it for me, and "Bud" Traveled 2000 Miles with him...

Driving to New Orleans Airport, and in his little carrier
Snack at Vegas Airport 
Oakland Airport, finally arrived

 But as he was catching a shuttle he sat it down to get his ticket out, and by the time he turned to grab it some ASSHAT stole it. Its such a sweet wonderful thought of his im more upset for HIM then for not getting to meet Bud personally. Isnt that the sweetest!! I was crying from joy this morning re-looking through the pictures... Im SUCH A GIRL....

We ended up getting Chinese from our favorite little to go place, and rented Skyfall (Oh Bond! I love Bond but the plot holes were distratcing....) and we have Frankenweenie and Flight to watch this weekend. And BTW we RENTED them, from the movie rental place down the street!! Very nice. Really its been he greatest Valentines day ever!!

I learned a little bit about St. Valentine too, from

" He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, young people. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses."

 He was marrying catholics and assisting them during the reign of Claudius of Rome. He was beheaded on February 14th... Yay, get laid on the guys death anniversery!! Weird little holiday eh?

On one last little note, I need to lose some weight. I HEART Rachels proud of your size but Im uncormfortable. And the whole thing is to be comfy, happy and healthy right? So Im not going nuts, but going to make some healthy changes and try to get some more exercise! Im using SparkPeople, which I have used before, and love!!!

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