Friday, February 8, 2013

6000 pageviews??

Holy cow! I blame interweb robots, because theres no way I could get that many hits.. Unless Angera and Jess, you two just constantly refresh... lol!! Shout out to all both of my fans, thanks guys :3 oh, and Gentleman Friend!

So school is in full swing, already have 30 hours of homework to get done. Plus the house to clean and life to live, like blog posts to write! lol its gunna be a busy semester but a good one, Illustration, figure painting, comics and inking, and art history.

Im gunna be so good with ink... I had to get a crow quill and ink, basically an old school calligraphy set, with inkwell and what not!! So exciting! all he pictures of work will be on my art blog, Dont Eat the Charcoal

1 comment:

  1. I was just about to say put up pictures of your art! But then I saw that you had an art blog :3 haha.

    I just LOVE your comments on my posts. I've probably already said this, but seriously. They really do make me smile. I also love that I'm in this post =]. Woot thas me!

    I'll put up my "crappy quality audio" haha =] because y'all won't care if it was recorded using the mic on my laptop ^-^

    Yeah other people think he has a crush on me too which could be true. *sigh whatevz only 3 more months