Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nail Polish, Pizza and Voodoo

Hello all! I realized I never updated on the blog my Nail Color of the Week!! So here is last week and this week-

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Green with Envy

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Red Carpet

I REALLY like the weird toned greens that are out now... And so last week's green makes me super happy and it will be used \in an experiment soon. This week's Red Carpet is super fun!! One of my favorite colors of all time is Ruby Slippers from China Glaze, which is a strong red with glitter built in, and this is a very similar color with a $3 price tag!! :D YAAAY!! This is a fun blog challenge, even if im bad at updating it...

Anywho, Spent the ENTIRE weekend with the Gentleman friend... We watched movies (Frankenweenie is ADORABLE!!!) and ate tons of pulled pork... i made a 5 lbs shoulder in the crock pot! Yum... Last week I didnt post it but I went for a bike ride out on the Bay Trail to Point Richmond. Its really beautiful, flat and a great ride. I would love to try and ride the whole thing bu my rear starts get sore after a few hours... Darn hip bones.... lol!!

As you can see, quite nice :) Anywho, here are some random shots from this weekend.... Pizza at Avalino's with the GF, Mr.Pickles being ADORABLE... My bathroom Rubber Ducky collection, and the Voodoo Dolls, the pink one if from my trip to NOLA a few years ago with the Aunts and Mama, and the Black one (african american? eerr... Plastic one?) GF caught at Mardi Gras during the parades

On a little side note, just a dumb thing but one of my instagram picures got retweeted by the San Francisco New :3 cool cool! I know, super dumb but Im greatful for any recognition

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