Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just a little sad

Not devistatingly sad, just a little. This morning I dropped the Gentleman friend off at the air port, for 2 WEEKS IN NEW ORLEANS!! Lucky handsome man!! He wanted to take me but school starts this week. cant miss first 2 weeks of class, not ok. I was hoping to go see Tim this weekend but I just cant make it happen. I also wanted to kidnap Miss Wings, since we havnt had a chance to really hang out in YEARS and damn Im missing my Wife so much... Its also Fashion Rachels bday weekend, but she has plans with other folks so just me, the gameboy and the cats... actually at the local coffee shop to rant here a little and to get some iced tea... may splurge and eat food here aswell.... Last night I blew off the corporate job to have dinner with GF, which i could use the money but since theres no money to be made... Im not upset :) we had a yummy dinner in china town and went to pack his stuff up.

At work though we're having a cool fundraiser to talk about heart disease in women, which isnt talked enough about. it affects women of all ages, sizes and colors and is the NUMBER ONE KILLER OF WOMEN! Yet we all pay attention to breast cancer, which while also terrible we cant ignore this. So for a $2 donation you can get a little red dress pin, to wear and promote awareness. 100% of the procedes go to the American Heart Association. We are also wearing red. Now for the seedy underbelly part. We the workers are having a contest, if we sell 50 of the little dresses we get a bedazzled little pin and recognition! I want the bedazzled pin... so Im selling the shit out of them.

Oh ya, show you bought a little pin and get 15-20% off the store! :D

Uuugghhh Im a corporate whore.....

So if you really do care about awareness of heart disease the American Heart Association has a fun link:

Im feeling really passionate about this, which is strange because I find myself having less love for the peoples and more loves for the animals... but a customer story at work made me really mad and horrified. I was helping a customer and selling her the little pin, to which she responded saying she was going to be back to get a few more of the pins later in the week. Her best friend had been having chest pains for months, so the doctors took out her golbladder, treated her for acid reflux, gave her meds for anxiety and more. She kepts asking is they would check her heart but various doctors told her she was thin, there for not in the risk group for heart problems... To thin for hear problems?? Anyway, she finally switched doctors again, for the 4h or 5th time and this doctor first thing hooked her up to an ekg, which showed she was litterally on the VERGE OF A HEART ATTACK. She managed to get treatment and avoid the heart attack, but now has PERMANENT damage to her heart because the heart disease was untreated for so long.


:3 Thanks for listening to me guys!! Im feeling better already! Im gunna clean my room i think....


  1. I'm sorry you're sad. If I was there I would play gameboy sitting next to you playing gameboy and we wouldn't have to play gameboy alone.

    Oh nooo I already missed National Wear Red day :( that's alright I'll still donate.

  2. Its ok! really its all month long :) and thank you, Im better now, happy thoughts helped :)