Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stuff a Sack

Rrrrrr!! Wait, the Gentleman is in New Orleans.... lol, actually its the local fundraiser for the Library, $5 for a paper bag and you can fill it with books! all you can carry in the bag! Great deal for the library and for starving students such as myself and Fashion Rachel. She finally came to visit! We had donuts for breakfast from everyones favorite donutshop and then off to the races! I mean library...

I snagged some real beauties, Including a book of photographs of tattoed women from the 70's, some reference books, and lots of trashy mystery novels to read and cheer me up! Including Eat, Pray, Love, which i have been meaning to read. I also go Ladies Number One Detective Agency, which my mom loved and recomended years ago, Marley and Me, because I like sad horse and dog movies... and lots more. just kinda picked up interesting looking things. Also got a book of pirates for Wife, and a book of basketball science for GF, because he's worth a cheap/free book, lol!!

They also had a pile of VHS' I had o look away from, but how many of these did YOU own?

It was also brought to my attention that Mr. Pickles hasnt had a cameo in a while
Well, here ya go, cute old man!!

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  1. SO MANY BOOOOOOKS! I had so many VHS's...I have a slowly growing DVD collection, but so help me god if they change format again I'm just going to scream and bang my fists...because I'm non-confrontational.

    Mr. Pickles!!